Assistant Medicaid Service Coordinator Supervisor

General Statement of Duties

The role of the Assistant MSC Supervisor is to ensure that service coordinators provide high quality, person centered MSC services and meet all requirements of the service.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure Training:
    • Support Service coordinators to appropriately assess individuals in accordance with their individualized needs and circumstances.
  • Ensure Quality Program Administration:
    • Assist in ensuring that policies and procedures in the MSC vendor manual are followed.
    • Assist in tracking ISP’s 45th day.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators ensure the timely completion of LCED re-determination.
  • Ensure Quality ISP Activities:
    • Reviewing and signing the ISP and ensure completed in the timeframe when MSC is out sick or on vacation.
  • Support Service Coordinator’s in their Advocacy Role:
    • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that all health, welfare and fire safety needs are met.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators take appropriate steps if abuse or neglect is suspected.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators take appropriate steps if they believe an individual is ill due to inadequate health care.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators act to assure the person’s safety if they become aware of a situation that endangers the person.
    • Assist in confirming that service coordinators comply with Part 624 (Reportable Incidents, Serious Reportable Incidents and Abuse in Facilities Operated or Certified by OPWDD), and are taking reasonable steps to prevent the violation of Part 633 (Protection of Individuals Receiving Services in Facilities Operated and/or Certified by OPWDD, and Subpart 635-9 (Provision of Required Services).
  • Ensure Quality Record Keeping:
    • Assist in ensuring that all records that substantiate the vendor’s MSC billings are retained for a minimum of six years from the date the services were billed and all clinical records are retained indefinitely.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordination records meet the standards outlined in Chapter Four of the manual as well as Administrative memoranda #’s 2010-03 and 2010-04.
  • Ensure Adherence to Requirements for Willowbrook Class Member Case Management:
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators who provide case management to class members understand and adhere to the requirements contained within Appendix One of the Willowbrook Permanent Injunction for Service expectations.
    • Assist in ensuring that service coordinators who serve class members attend training on expectations for services for class members.
    • Assist in ensuring that the Service Coordination Observation Report (MSC7-SCOR) is completed for Willowbrook Class members who live in OPWDD certified residences as required and any time a serious problem is discovered.

A Bachelor’s degree in a health or human services field plus one year experience working as a MSC Coordinator;  or working with people with developmental disabilities; A Master’s degree (or CSW) preferred.

To Apply:

Email resume and cover letter to

Fax to:  Human Resources Department (718) 260-8863