Family Team Conference Facilitator/Court Liaison

The Family Team Conference Facilitator:

  • Facilitates and mediates engagement of group discussion and group dynamics while moving the group toward consensus.
  • Is responsible for assessing and addressing safety concerns for the child– in the foster care setting, in visitation, or at home, and to help family members create a plan that will address them.
  • Leads the group in discussion of what has transpired over the last six months with respect to casework activities and goal accomplishments towards the permanency plan.
  • Leads the group in the formulation of tasks and goals for the next six months towards the permanency plan, helping facilitate who, what and when to accomplish next steps.
  • Ensures next steps are measurable, have time limits and are matched to needs.
  •  Is responsible for ensuring that services address the child’s and discharge resource’s strengths and needs, always focusing on achieving the permanency goal.
  • Is responsible for charting issues/concerns, strengths, ideas and action plans.
  • Helps the group reach consensus
  • Completes and provides all stakeholders with the Family Team Conference Summary Report (which is inclusive of next steps, timeframes and any referral sources, etc.)
  • Copies and pastes FTC Summary Report on to a Connections progress note.
  • Takes attendance.

Court Liaison

General Statement of Duties

Track and monitor progress on all court hearings (Permanency Hearings, conferences, TPRs, etc.) for cases to which they are assigned.  Foster consistent communication between the case planning team, FCLS, and agency attorney so as to ensure that agency is in compliance with all ACS/ Court requirements and orders so as to assist the agency and case planning team in promoting effective permanency planning and subsequently, the expeditious and safe discharge of children from the foster care system.

Illustrative Examples:

  • Monitor and track all of agency’s court appearances including but not limited to Permanency and Termination of Parental Rights hearings.
  • Facilitate dialogue and communication between FCLS, Agency attorney and staff so as to ensure all requests, orders, reports, and questions are addressed in a thorough and timely manner.
  • Monitor Legal Tracking System on a regular and consistent basis to identify and correct any discrepancies between LTS and the Agency Court Tracking System.
  • Obtain Article Xs and orders related to cases and provide staff with same.
  • Alert FCLS immediately of any and all staff changes, case transfers, children’s moves, plan changes and discharges.
  • Alert staff of all upcoming court dates, Permanency Reports, status reports and updates requested/ordered by the court.
  • Alert staff of all orders and requests made by the court and track progress with said orders/requests to ensure that the orders are complied with by the specified timeframe.
  • Communicate with FCLS or Agency attorney within 24-48hrs of any given court date to determine outcome of said hearing, including any request/orders made by the court, and next court date. These entries will be made in agency’s Court Tracking System and email alerts will be sent to all related staff.
  • All Permanency Hearing Reports/Status Reports will be submitted to the Court Liaison 5 days before the report due date or next hearing date for their review. Court Liaison will ensure that reports address all tasks, concerns, orders and requests made by the court at the last court hearing. Court Liaisons have 48hrs to complete their review. Upon completion of the review, Court Liaisons will return these reports to respective supervisor along with their comments/suggestions.
  • When case planner, supervisor and director are unavailable to attend a hearing, Court Liaisons will be expected, as a last resort, to appear in their stead.
  • Whenever necessary, usually in more complicated cases, where the agency and FCLS are not in agreement regarding the case plan, Court Liaisons are expected to facilitate meetings with all related parties in an attempt to reach consensus.
  • Meet with their assigned units and supervisors on a weekly basis, and with their units’ directors on a monthly basis.
  • Provide on-going trainings and refreshers to staff related to court practice, report preparation, and Court Tracking System navigation
  • Masters Degree plus 2 years casework & 1 year group work or supervisory experience.
  • Certified as a Family Team Conference Facilitator (5 day training)
  • Knowledge of NYC child welfare system.
  • Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the child welfare system.
  • Experience with the NYC Family Court System
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, time management and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and LTS.
  • Knowledge of Connections and FASP.

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit resume and cover letter to the Human Resources Department, attention: Germain Tillery at: