Registered Nurse – IRA/Day Habilitation Program

General Statement of Duties:

Ensures that medical services required by the IRA/Day Hab are being met, coordinated and maintained.

Distinguishing Features of the Class:

This position is responsible for acting as a direct link between medical services and the IRA/Day Hab.  Responsible for supervising AMAP’s when performing nursing tasks and activities.

Illustrative Examples of Work:

  • Working knowledge of OPWDD Rules and Regulations, Little Flower Personnel Policies and Procedures and IRA procedures and protocols.
  • Attends all necessary trainings required by OPWDD and Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York.
  • Capable of supervising, understanding and working effectively with diverse personalities pertaining to AMAP issues.
  • Ensures that medical record information is accurate and up to date.
  • Ensures that there is a consumer specific medication sheet for each medication that is administered.
  • Shall be responsible for teaching medication administration, tube feeding and diabetic care utilizing a standard curriculum approved by OPWDD and that said training is documented.
  • Documents that all Direct Care staff have been educated about the chronic conditions and related health needs of the IRA consumers.
  • Responsible to provide initial training and on-going training to all direct care staff in all nursing tasks and/or functions that they will perform.
  • Must periodically review the performance of direct care staff to ensure that it is consistent with standards of performance for AMAP staff.
  • Conduct annual clinical performance evaluations for unlicensed direct care staff.
  • Responsible for developing an individualized plan for nursing services for all IRA consumers. Such plans will be updated at least annually or whenever there is a significant change in the consumer’s condition.
  • Be available and respond to phone calls for notification of changes in medical orders for a consumer and/or changes in a consumer’s health status.
  • Acts as an integral member of the Interdisciplinary Team as well as Team meetings.
  • Will be on-call for the Day Hab/IRA for medical emergencies after regularly scheduled working hours.
  • Will complete required paperwork/documentation through the Electronic System (Therap) as well as manually.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • Reports to the Program Director of OPWDD Services.
  • Works collaboratively with the IRA/Day Habilitation Program Interdisciplinary team.

House Nurse Responsibilities:

  • Check medication cart on a weekly basis to ensure:
  • Medications are stored properly:
  • Topicals are stored separately from Orals.
  • Medications are not outdated.
  • Sends MARs to Day Program prior to the end of the month.
  • Prepares MARs for the IRA prior to the end of the month. Is responsible for filing the new month’s MARs and removing and filing the previous month’s MARs.
  • Supervision of AMAPs.
  • Making medical appointments as needed (according to annual requirements, existing or preventive, etc.) and coordinating with Manager’s as to staff and transportation availability.
  • Keeping consumer’s annual physicals and tuberculin clearance current.
  • Documents consumer’s vital signs on a monthly basis, unless there is a pre-existing condition that requires more frequent documentation.
  • Documents consumer’s weights on a monthly basis, unless there is a pre-existing condition that requires more frequent documentation.
  • Documents all female consumer’s menses and breast examinations on a monthly basis.
  • Documents assessment of all consumer’s medical and nutritional status on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensures all staff have a tuberculin clearance on an annual basis. Notifies Manager’s when  staff are not within compliance.
  • Monitors bowel movement charts on a daily basis to ensure all standing orders are complied with.
  • Reports to Program Director of OPWDD.
  • Ensures accurate and timely communication with the Physician Assistant and Physician, Manager, Direct Care Staff and other clinical staff to ensure quality of care to all consumers.

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