Foster Parents

It takes a special person to open their heart and home to a child or teen in need. It takes courage, hard work, and love.  It takes someone like you!

Foster Care Holiday PartyThrough its dedicated Foster Parent network, Little Flower has provided safety and care for thousands of neglected, abused and abandoned children since the program’s inception in 1952.

The Foster Care Program strives to match children with foster parents who can adequately provide love, stability, nurturing, and the sense of family permanency that all children need.

It takes a special person or persons to sacrifice the time, money, and most importantly the energy and love that goes into nurturing a child – all the while knowing that it may be temporary. Like any loving parent, the foster parent attends to the physical, medical, emotional, social and educational needs of the children by assuring home life environments that are clean, safe, orderly and embracing. Foster parents help children to be successful in life by teaching them life skills in the home and cooperating with and facilitating child well-being plans that connect children with the services and help they need.