Mary Gibson

Mary GibsonMary began working with Little Flower in 2008 as a Nurse Case Manager in our Brooklyn office.  Nursing is a way of life for Mary as she’s been working in the field since she was 17 years old!  Her passion for nursing stemmed from her need to help others get the best healthcare possible. “I absolutely love everything about nursing, whether I am in a hospital setting or away from it.”

As a Nurse Care Manager at Little Flower, Mary advocates for her patients by coordinating all medical services and ensuring that each child receives the best treatments and services from the time they are admitted until their final discharge from foster care.  Mary works alongside doctors, caseworkers, therapists and other qualified personnel in coordinating care for our children in accordance with NYC guidelines.

Mary came to Little Flower wanting to experience nursing outside of the hospital; she was looking for something different from bedside nursing.  At first Mary found it difficult to adjust, but after a few months she really took to her new role.  She continues to practice with us because she loves working with the kids, their families and her Little Flower team.

“As the years went by I became more confident and assertive in my decision-making towards the well-being of the children in my care and learned that nursing is not always easy and relaxed. I continue to assess each situation and keep an open mind and remain alert and above all, I continue to do everything in my power to make the children and their families feel at ease.”

With almost ten years with her team, the medical department has become family.  “Family is not always about the people in your life who are blood related. It’s about the people in your life who accept you, support you in the things you choose to do and are there for you, no matter what. Thanks to my work family for their support for all the years I have been here.”

When not at work, Mary spends most of her time in Church and with her family.