Felix Osorio

Felix Osorio“My past drives me and my wife and kids motivate me-a great combination for success!”

Felix Osorio has jumped through many hurdles in life, literally and figuratively, to reach the level of success he has today.

Like many children place in foster care, Felix’s family was unable to care for him at a young age and he was placed in Little Flower’s care when he was eight years old.  He remembers clearly the night he arrived at Little Flower.

Before that life changing moment, Felix lived with his mother and siblings in New York City (his father left when he was a toddler).   On their last night together, Felix and his siblings were taken to a neighbor’s house.  After Felix’s mother said her goodbyes, Felix followed her to the door, where she asked him to take care of his brothers and sister until she returns in the morning.  However, Felix felt apprehensive and asked his mother if she was coming back.  She reassured him that she will return and asked again for him to look after his siblings.  But, Felix, an intuitive child, knew better and repeated his earlier question.  She gave her final goodbyes through tears and left.  That was the last time Felix saw his mother, for seven years.

Two weeks later, still at his neighbor’s house, Felix was introduced to Columbo.  His neighbor instructed him to go with strange man and that everything would be okay.   Felix walked out of the apartment with Columbo, got on a train and several hours later they reached their destination in Wading River- Little Flower.

After arriving at Little Flower, Felix spent two months on the campus before being placed in his first foster home.  He then spent the next eight years bouncing around several foster homes.  In between, Felix spent some time in a group home before being place with his last foster family during his high school career.

While at the Group Home in Shoreham, Wading-River, he competed in Track-n-Field and as a young freshman in high school, he won the Gold medal in the long jump at the Junior Olympics in Garden City, NY!  During that year he met another student, Timothy Vuolo, who also competed in the long jump. Timmy followed him everywhere during practices and imitated everything he did; a bond and trust started to build between the two athletes.

One day at school, Felix was called to see his guidance counselor and was asked about his relationship with Timothy.  Felix thought Timothy was a nice kid and enjoyed assisting him with his long jump during practice.  He was then informed that the Vuolos were considering taking him in as a foster child.

The Vuolos had some help in making their decision from their son Timothy, who told his parents he wanted a brother.  Timothy’s mother could no longer have children, but Timothy didn’t want a younger brother; he wanted to have Felix as his brother.  Felix became part of the Vuolo family for the remainder of high school.

Felix graduated from Port Jefferson High School and was awarded a football/track scholarship to Huron College in Huron, South Dakota.

After college, Felix moved to Connecticut where he met his wife of 30 years, Sally Osorio, while she worked as a teller at the North American Bank in Stratford, Connecticut.  They have two children, Samantha, 26 years old and Jonathan, 28 years old.

Currently, Felix works with a leading BioTech instrumentation company in two capacities- Midwest/West Coast Field Engineer, in Service and as the Midwest Account Manager, in Sales.

Felix likes to stay active and participates in a range of recreational activities, including Street Handball competitively and has won some doubles tournaments.

He also plays the Conga Drums professionally and performed with his colleague, Master – William Bronson (saxophone) at the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the new Bascom Public Library in San Jose, California on February 23rd, 2013, which the San Jose Mayor, Chuck Reed and other dignitaries attended.  View the video on Little Flower’s website.

Felix has great ambition and drive, leading him to continue to work and create FOSO Media, LLC, a marketing/entertainment company, created by Felix and his wife, Sally.  The company is based in San Jose, California and still in its early stages, but they expect great things.

Felix is once again involved with Little Flower as a founding member of the Alumni Council.  Felix hopes that through the council he will be able to provide Inspiration to at least one Child, Person or Individual and show that despite a difficult childhood and obstacles, you can succeed and live your dreams.