Campus Industries

Due to the pandemic, many programs have paused, however, we are initiating new and innovative virtual programs to enhance the learning experiences for our youth during this time.

The Campus Industries Program aims to educate, empower, inform and prepare our youth for the challenges of adulthood and provide them with the opportunity to develop core values, interests, and vocational skills that will enable them to live fulfilling lives and become gainfully employed upon leaving Little Flower.

The program teaches valuable life-skills as well as fosters self-esteem and confidence, carrying beyond each individual program and not only focuses on developing skills necessary to perform the job itself but also the tools required to find a job.

The Campus Industries Program develops:

  • Interviewing skills
  • Budgeting know-how
  • Money management skills
  • Inventory control knowledge
  • Customer service capability
  • Punctuality, dependability, and time management skills

Little Flower Cafe

Alex in the CafeThere is a strong interest among our youth to learn to cook and work in the food industry. To meet this demand, the Campus Industries Program was created and with it, the Little Flower Café.

Each participant is required to take a food safety course and maintain food procedures and techniques. The programs are an essential part of the curricula and an integral part of the therapeutic approach established to give our kids the skills and tools they need to cope with life.

The Little Flower Café has become the destination for many of those who thrive and succeed in our Culinary Arts Program and is a true training ground for those interested in a potential career in the food industry.  Interested students complete a required employment application and go through an interview process; positions are competitive and only the best qualified and prepared applicants are selected.  Positions can include food prep, cook, waiter, busboy or girl, and maitre de.  Some positions are paid and others are valid for school credit.

Individual treatment goals are established for all youth in the program.  In addition to the qualifications needed to perform the duties of the position being sought, each participant must meet or exceed the goals established by their treatment team.

The pride and dedication these young people have shown in their work have had an amazing effect on them, their families, staff, and those they serve in the Café.  The day “Chef” often visits the tables or follows up with the staff that “take-out” to make sure that they enjoyed their meal and to see if there was anything they could have done better.

Additional Vocational OPPORTUNITIES

Other activities that have been offered include auto detailing, IT, landscaping.