Post Adoption Center

Little Flower Children and Family Services’ Post Adoption Center provides assistance and guidance to individuals who are seeking information about their biological relatives.

Information and Refferal

A majority of calls received are from three distinct groups:

  • Adoptive children who are now adults seeking their birth parents and/or siblings
  • Birth parents seeking their biological children who were adopted
  • Siblings searching for siblings

In each case, we provide information and registration forms from the New York State Department of Health Adoption Registry.

Individuals adopted through Little Flower can contact our program to request information about their birth family histories including medical, mental health, religion, nationality, and physical appearance of birth parents.

Search and Reunion

Each week, our Post Adoption Center receives dozens of calls from adult adoptees, siblings, and biological parents who have been separated after adoption and are now searching for one another many years later.  If you are searching for someone, we can provide advice, emotional support, and resources to assist you in your search.

Support Groups

Support groups are available for adoptive parents and adolescents covering a wide range of topics unique to adoptive families.  Support groups can provide emotional support, useful information, and foster feelings of camaraderie. Our Post Adoption Center will assist in identifying, providing referral, and connecting individuals and families to support groups in your area.


On-going training is available to pre-and-post adoptive parents covering a number of different topics such as:

  • Adoption Process and Dynamics
  • Behavior Management Issues
  • Strategies for Parenting Teens

Our Post Adoption Center will ensure individuals and families are provided with a referral to appropriate training resources.

Adoption Subsidy Assistance

Adoption subsidy can be a confusing process and issues can arise once a subsidy is approved – subsidy checks are not received, challenges with Medicaid card activation/coverage, and lost subsidy agreements are just a few issues we help to resolve.  We can help answer questions regarding your child’s subsidy and will work collaboratively with you and NYC Children’s Services Subsidy Upgrade Unit should you believe you are eligible for an increase.