Foster Care

“The greatest gift someone can give a child is love and security…striving to give the children we serve stability and support is at the very core of what we do.”

Grace G. Lo Grande

info-imgIt takes a special person to sacrifice time, money, energy and love that goes into nurturing a foster child – all the while knowing that it may be temporary.  However, in many cases, the placement of the right child in the right home leads to permanent placement and a forever family.  Little Flower is committed to placing the children in its care into loving and secure homes where they will get all they need to become responsible members of the community.

While Little Flower’s ultimate goal is family reunification, we strive to recruit high-quality caregivers as Foster Parents.  We provide training for foster parents before, during and after a child is placed in their home.  Support is available through a variety of services to ensure that the Foster Parent has all the necessary resources to create the best home for the youth in their care.

As the foster care environment changes, we attempt to meet the needs of the community by offering a variety of specialized programs.

  • The Specialized Residential Treatment Program in Wading River responds to the special needs of youngsters with medical and behavioral difficulties
  • Mother/Baby Foster Care is designed to keep teenage mothers and their children together in stable, supportive, foster home environments while guiding them toward self-reliance and becoming contributing members of their communities
  • Preparing Youth for Adulthood allows youth to participate in workshops designed to prepare them for life skills including higher education, vocational skill development, employment, positive relationship building, and household management.