Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging.

Diversity.  Equity.  Inclusion.  Belonging.  At Little Flower, we believe these to be more than words.  These are the values that guide our work and mission — it makes us who we are.

Little Flower celebrates and embraces the differences and uniqueness of every individual in our community.  We respect, value, and welcome each and every client, employee, community member for who they are and the lives they have lived.  Together we work to build an inclusive culture that empowers and supports one another to be the best we can be to each other and those we serve.  We are committed to striving for this ideal every day.

However, believing in equality is not enough.  We are committed to combating racism of the world by actively opposing it.  It is not enough for us to simply not be racist – we must be actively anti-racist and build anti-racist institutions.  We plan to do this by challenging ourselves to understand and correct any inequities we discover and for our anti-racist commitment to be reflected in all of our policies and procedures to benefit our entire community.

As a Sanctuary-certified organization, Little Flower uses a trauma-informed lens to encourage emotional intelligence, open communication, and social responsibility to foster a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment for all employees and clients.

Little Flower values people on the basis of their character, action, and merit, and has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination against anyone for any reason.

DEIB Committee Vision Statement

Little Flower’s DEIB Committee is an intentional and brave space for breaking the cycle of systemic and structural marginalization through respecting individual differences, affirming lived experiences, and impacting change within our communities.