Francis K.

Little Flower is proud of the work we do with our clients and residents and heartened and inspired when they make tremendous progress toward their goals.  Ensuring a good quality of life is our main goal for many of our residents and we take it very seriously.

One resident, in particular, Francis K., has come a long way during his 12 years in our care.  Francis initially became a resident on the Monsignor John T. Fagan campus in Wading River at the age of 43 in the McSharry Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), which primarily serves individuals with complex needs.  He moved into the Bishop’s Individual Residential Alternative (IRA) when it opened six years later. Bishop’s is a small-group residence that provides residents with more opportunities for greater independence.

The staff working with Francis not only ensures his quality of life but they are also his family as his parents are deceased.  Francis exhibits challenges when he is asked to demonstrate patience, such as waiting to receive his medication or when he is ready to leave to attend day program but the bus hasn’t arrived.  Staff have learned and developed techniques to help Francis when he is feeling anxious.

On a typical day, Francis is awakened by his 1:1 staff, Jerome S. (a single staff person required to keep Francis in close proximity at all times), showers and has breakfast with his fellow residents. He attends Little Flower’s day program, located on the campus, between 9am – 1pm, which includes daily recreation trips in the community; Francis’s favorite trips are the ones to the movies.  When he returns home, Francis is encouraged to socialize with his peers, participate in activities like drawing and painting and helps staff with setting the dinner table.

All of Francis’s daily needs are met by staff which can include daily grooming, socialization, therapeutic, and emotional levels. Jerome encourages Francis to choose his daily outfits and monitors his ability to coordinate clothing appropriately.  Jerome has been an asset as he has increased Francis’ awareness of the importance of maintaining appropriate behavior whether on-site or in the community and has been a great influence on Francis’s overall behavior. His guidance and genuine care for Francis is notable.

Most people might be surprised to find out that Francis is a registered voter, observes Jewish holidays and attends temple worship. He also attended culinary arts school. He has a clear passion for food and enjoys watching staff prep and put meals together.  In his spare time, Francis enjoys painting abstract art. In fact, he has created drawings that are currently on display in both his residence and day program.  He is also a very compassionate individual.  When his peers are in the hospital, Francis inquiries about the time and day they will be discharged; sends messages, and wishes them a speedy recovery.

According to the Bishop’s staff, “Francis is funny and loves to make staff laugh; his hugs are priceless and endearing. He makes serving this unique population of exceptional people worthwhile and rewarding.”