Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home (TFBH)

TFBHThe Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home Program (TFBH) was created to respond to the special needs of youngsters with behavioral difficulties, often experiencing multiple failed family care placements, psychiatric hospitalizations and residential care placements.

TFBH Program focuses on the use of behavior modification techniques in order to cultivate positive behaviors, social skills, daily living skills and academic achievements to maintain lasting relationships with peers, adults and family.

The TFBH Program is a commitment to children and their families, providing an array of intensive services to support family reunification.

A team of professionals on staff collaborate with mental health providers and specially-trained foster parents to:

  • Address the treatment needs of behaviorally disordered and emotionally disturbed youngsters in a community-based, family-like setting.
  • Develop and carry out individualized treatment and behavioral plans to improve social behavioral, cognitive and interpersonal skills.
  • Offer a sense of permanence and a connection with family.
  • Ensure the child is placed in the “least restrictive placement.”

With the care and coordination of therapists, social workers and foster parents, TFBH Program is committed to providing children the opportunity, whenever possible, to live and hopefully thrive in a family-like setting rather than an institution.