Little Flower and St. John’s Residence for Boys Formally Affiliate

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Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York (Little Flower) and St. John’s Residence for Boys, Inc. (St. John’s) announced that Little Flower and St. John’s have entered into an affiliation agreement.  Both organizations, each with a deep history and strong ties in their communities, will retain their independent identities and Boards but will be stronger together in an affiliated structure.

This partnership will allow for increased collaboration as a means to continue the missions of each organization, to increase efficiency in the programs and services offered and to broaden those services to a growing base in the communities they serve.  St. John’s will have the ability to draw from Little Flower’s larger operational systems while the combined service footprint and services offered by the affiliated organizations will create a deeper and broader regional presence.

“St. John’s and Little Flower have a long history of shared governance as Father Fagan was Executive Director of both organizations at one time,” remarked Paul Garavente, President of St. John’s Board of Directors.  “This affiliation feels like a natural continuance of that strong connection.”

“I look forward to this new chapter in both Little Flower’s and St. John’s story and to the great possibilities before us and what it could mean for all of the children and families we serve,” said Corinne Hammons, who is now Chief Executive Officer of both organizations.  “I’m excited that St. John’s is enthusiastic about moving forward under the Little Flower umbrella and agree that we will be better and stronger together”.