Melinda Konigsberg, Psy.D.

Senior Vice President of Mental Health and Medical Services

Dr. Konigsberg is a licensed psychologist and Senior Vice President of Mental Health and Medical Services of Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York. She is committed to health equity and ensuring the children and youth in Little Flower’s care receive the highest quality trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health, and medical care, as well as support services and care coordination to improve access to services for children and their families, which has resulted in better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Dr. Konigsberg has supported the children and families in Little Flower’s care since 2003. She was promoted to Clinical Director of Foster Care in 2013, where she successfully created an internship program with NYU, built and strengthened collaborations with prestigious grant-funded therapy providers, and implemented evidence-based treatment models. She and her team collaborated with IT/IS to build an Electronic Health Record for tracking quality improvement and compliance to best practice and received recognition from ACS for exemplary effort in systems development. She was promoted to Vice President in July 2016 to integrate and oversee the mental health and medical departments. After being promoted again in April 2019 to Senior Vice President of MH and Medical Services to additionally oversee Health Homes, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), and Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) and oversee CFTSS at St. John’s, she and her team strengthened the program and increased census.

Dr. Konigsberg helped establish Little Flower as a leader in the field with the successful launch of CFTSS, HCBS and telehealth services that improved the lives of the children and families we support, as evidenced in decreased hospitalization rates. In July 2020, all child welfare mental health, and medical departments at Little Flower were streamlined through Dr. Konigsberg’s leadership with an additional promotion for her to oversee MH and Medical Services for our RTC and continue to spearhead 29-I licensure, implementation, and growth.

She is CEO and President of Access Consultation and Psychology, P.C., certified as a M/WBE, and provides and oversees corporate crisis debriefings, executive coaching, diversity training, and private practice psychological services.

Dr. Konigsberg holds a Doctor of Psychology from the University of Denver and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University. Her commitment to multicultural psychology includes attachment theory research in South Africa and aboriginal studies in Australia. Dr. Konigsberg’s invitations included webinars and in-person conference presentations on telehealth, dissemination of evidence-based therapy models, improved outcomes of Medicaid services.  She was the keynote speaker on interdisciplinary communications and has presented at national conferences and published on diversity in professional journals and encyclopedias. She is co-chair of the State-level Clinical Subcommittee, as well as Clinicians in Child Welfare (CCW), has held leadership roles in professional organizations and Executive Boards, and has won numerous awards, such as for her role as President of New York State Psychological Association’s Division of Culture, Race and Ethnicity and international recognition as “Most Inspiring Female in Psychology.”