Donate a Vehicle

Thank you for considering Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York Vehicle Donation Program as the recipient of your vehicle donation. When you donate your car, truck or boat to Little Flower you are helping us provide a safe environment for some of the most vulnerable children in our society; training and guidance for foster parents so that they can provide the best care they can; guidance and assistance for birth parents so that they can access the resources they need to bring their children home; and a home where developmentally disabled adults can live comfortably.

70% of the proceeds from the sale of your donated automobile are used to help fund Little Flower’s programs.

For more information you can review the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Donate?

You can donate most any vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. They do not have to be currently running. Your vehicle donation will be sold at an auction or to salvage depending on condition.

Is My Donation Tax-Deductible?

Yes, Little Flower is a non-profit organization and generally your deduction is limited to the gross proceeds of the sale of your vehicle.  It may be worth noting that there are charitable contribution limits a person can deduct, we recommend you check with your tax advisor with any questions about your deduction.

What Do I Need To Donate My Car?

The title to the car must be in your name. We will also need some information about where the car is located and the condition of the car. This will assist us in scheduling appropriate towing arrangements.

Will You Pick Up My Car?

A towing company will call you to schedule the pick-up of your vehicle. You will need to give the driver the keys to the vehicle as well as your signed title.

How is the value of my car determined?

The IRS allows you to take a charitable tax deduction on your federal income tax form:

  • Donation of $500 or more:
    • you can deduct the smaller of the gross proceeds from the sale of the vehicle or..
    • the vehicle’s fair market value on the date of the contribution.
  • Donation of less than $500:
    • you may deduct the smaller of $500 or
    • the vehicle’s fair market value on the date of the contribution.
  • If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you will need to include the IRS form 1098C. Vehicles for Charity will supply this documentation after your vehicle sells. We recommend you consult your tax advisor with questions about your deduction.
  • If your vehicle sells for at least $250 but not more than $500, you will get a statement from Vehicles for Charity acknowledging your donation.

Little Flower has partnered with Vehicles For Charity to process donated vehicles. Just call 1-866-628-2277; they will answer any other questions you may have and make arrangements to pick up your donation.

Thank you in advance for your support!